Mirik Lake is the central attraction of Mirik and this is where you are likely to spend most of your time. This 1.25km natural lake is known as Sumendu Lake. Rain and spring water keep feeding the lake and it remains full all through the year.There is a lovely 80-ft long arch footbridge bridge across the center of the lake which joins the eastern bank with the western bank. Another activity which is my favorite at Mirik is to take a walk along the lakeside trail. It is ideal to take this walk early in the morning and your chances of seeing the snow peaks of Kanchenjunga will be much better. You can reach the trail at the western bank by walking over the arched footbridge.

Within Mirik, visit Bokar Monastery (Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling monastery). This is located at the highest point of Mirik at an altitude of 5,800ft. From the lake if you look towards south east, you can see this lovely monastery high up on the hills. From Mirik lake, distance to Bokar Monastery is about 2.5kms and it takes about 30 minutes uphill walk. However most tourists visit the monastery by a local taxi.

Close to the monastery are the view points Kawley Dara (or observatory) and another view point Rameetay Dara. These viewing areas are excellent to watch the sunrise and sunset. You get panoramic views of the mountain landscapes and Mirik, and off course Kanchenjunga snowpeaks as well. From the Bokar monastery, Kawley Dara will be another 10 minutes walk.

Devi Sthan is another must visit in Mirik. This is a temple complex located at the western bank of the lake and deep into the forests as well as high up in the mountains… which means fairly long and strenuous walk. There are idols of several gods and goddesses here but the main temple is of Devi Durga or Bhagwati.

There are more wonderful surprises just in the outskirts of Mirik. If you go 8kms down from Mirik along the main road, you will reach Tingling View Point. In my personal opinion, this is the place from where you get best views of tea gardens in the whole of Darjeeling district. What you see all around is wonderful views of rolling tea gardens on mountain slopes with mists and sun playing the game of lights & shadows. The name Tingling comes from the nearby tea estate. From the viewpoint though, the immediate tea gardens that you sea are of Sourenee Tea Estate and below that Tingling Tea Estate. So Sourenee Viewpoint would have been a more appropriate name for this place, more so because it is located very near a village called Sourenee. In fact you will need to pass the Sourenee village and go further 1km to reach the viewpoint.

Another great tea estate to visit around Mirik is Thurbo Tea Estate. It is only 2kms from the lake. You can even walk down to the tea gardens (about 40 minutes). This is the biggest garden in this hill area. You can visit the factory and see tea processing (with permission of the factory manager). It is from this tea estate that the state government acquired 335 acres of land area to start developing tourism in Mirik.

Another great thing to see around Mirik is Orange orchards. You may not be aware that Mirik is the largest supply source of oranges in the whole of West Bengal. You can see orange orchards in Mirik Busti (2.5kms), Murmah, Sourenee and few other places.